RACK“, sounds ordinary and seems simple but yet, there are still plenty of us doesn’t really understand WHY do we need it.

“Why do I need to spend money on this? I can just stack my stuffs up without spending extra money!”

Guess the above statement sounds familiar to you? Admit it, and I’m sure most of us thought the same.

Unlike in the past, whereby there are still plenty of land available to be develop and “Space limitation” & “Storage problem” doesn’t really exist. In the present time, most of the land are developed and occupied causing limitation to owner and storage issues began to pop up from time to time.

Space Limitation

“My storeroom are fully filled, but it’s only the ground and vertical space are still empty, but how???”

“Awhh, the walkway it’s too small and I barely able to walk in and store my item easily, it looks dangerous like its going to fall down!”

Storage Problem

“I can’t find my Tool Box in the storeroom, everything are stacking up like a mountain!”

“Damn it is at the lowest level of that mountain but how can I take it out, it will take me HOURS!”

“Gggggrrrr, my Tool Box are broken after taken out from that bunch of items!!”


Racking system serving as multiple usage system that suitable for ORGANIZING / REORGANIZING your storeroom. In such a way, it benefits us by MAXIMIZING the VERTICAL SPACE that we always wasted and not utilized as well as ORGANIZING items in a more USER-FRIENDLY way. Speaking “user-friendly”, definitely the RISK of broken items / HUMAN INJURY caused by items falling apart will be lower down tremendously.

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Interested but still doubting? Just contact us to clarify the questions in your mind, “Action works more than Waiting!

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