“SPACE” is now getting as precious & valuable as “Diamond” and everyone of us are seeking for more spaces for family, business, personal usage in a cost-effective way.

There are ways to create additional storage but the most common ways are,



As the most common and straightforward ways, owning a new BUILDING tend to be the hassle-free solution.


  1. Can be organize freely without high limitation as compared to using existing space whereby most of the space are filled.


  1. Owning a new place is COSTLY!
  2. Supply of new place is getting less for a more strategic location.
  3. Cost duplication required! (security, alarm system, etc.)


2. Throw away ages, unused stuff through decluttering


One of the easiest way of creating new space from existing premises is through decluttering and to be effective it has certain steps to be follow or else it might ended up time-wasting while not throwing away any single thing.

– Follow alphabet A-Z of common items around your premises to begin the filtering.
– Categorize by “Keep”, “Throw Away” & “Give Away”
– Search for nearest Charity organization to donate the “Give Away” items.


3. Start organizing items through plastic Multi Box


Small items tend to be missing or “hiding” somewhere around the corner, ended up increasing costs spent on repurchase. Organizing through Multi Tool Box reduce tremendously the chances of item gone missing by its feature of “nest” together and easily identify & access.


4. Utilizing the “power of rack”

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Creation of new space whilst maintaining the beauty of the premises can be achieved by minimal investment on multiple usage Racks.

Easily dismantle & reinstall makes our life easier whenever reorganizing and decluttering needed.


5. Discovering “vertically”

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Generally, most of us think in terms of left to right, and we don’t realise that the space above our head is wasted. By getting the right system for desired usage, the cost of creating NEW storage space is REDUCED tremendously as compared to the 1st way (getting a new premises).


  • Do invest in a sturdy step ladder/trolleys to allow you to reach & move around this area.
  • Don’t store anything OVERLY heavy up above.
  • Store only less turnover items above.
  • Don’t store anything you use regularly above your eye-line. Remember: Out of sight equals out of mind.


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