We always heard of “Mezzanine Floor”, “Top Floor”, Mezzanine System”, “Top Flooring”, but do we really UNDERSTAND or have a PICTURE of how it looks like or how it will benefits us?


Generally, “it is a STRUCTURE that allows us to utilize the upper space of a particular place without difficulty”. Especially when we owned a place that is having 20 to 30 feet tall and without “mezzanine system”, an ordinary human can only access to MAX 6-7 feet height of a particular place, hence, wasted the other 14-24 feet height space.

Without further ado, we shall look at the physical build up case for better picture. “Picture always speak louder than words…”



Factory View 1


Factory View 2

In Progress

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bear in mind that “SPACE” is precious, use it WISELY…

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